Monday, November 4, 2013

MacKay CreekTrail

It was one week ago that we went for walk along the MacKay Creek Trail which runs along the dike of the Sumas River.

It is usually windy here but on this day it was sunny, warm, and only a slight breeze

Every few hundred yards I snapped a photo and here are some of them.

We especially like the blueberry bushes that were turning red.

Near the end we pass the back of a large mushroom farm.

Midway on this trail is a park bench that is dedicated to our friend Erv Doerksen who was killed in an accident three years and four months ago. Above, busylizzy is sitting on it, and below is a photo of the spot from across the river. There is a small stream running into the river at that point where the sand bar is raised, and that is where the bench is.

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