Monday, November 25, 2013


I always become rankled when I hear someone defend the CBC as the 'voice of Canada', or 'preserver of Canadian culture'. What I found over the years of listening to CBC, when I have had no other choice, is that the CBC does not speak for all Canadians, even though all Canadians (at least those of us who pay taxes) pay for it.
When we pay over $1billion per year for this monster, we should at least hear something, at least occasionally, that we like or agree with. And those of a strong Liberal bent will hear plenty that will agree with them. And therein lies the problem. They are biased and make no bones about it.
"CBC Exposed" documents many cases of arrogance, bias, fiscal mismanagement, retribution, obfuscation, and elitism. Their arrogance is portrayed in the way they will never admit that they are wrong, and when the evidence is overwhelming, they will go to court and even in their loss of the case, still will never apologise. Using your and my tax dollars, they refuse to pay a $10,000.00 out of court settlement and fight the case for over a million dollars in legal fees and then pay the complainant a million dollar fine. Are you OK with this?
The book documents how anything Conservative is deemed 'the enemy' and must be thwarted or ruined, and they are good at it, having had a lot of experience.
I have no problem with a news media being blatantly conservative, or liberal, but then do not purport to speak for all people and then use all people's money for your big salaries, huge bonuses, and lavish parties and rants against the 'enemy'.
Most people are so used to this type of programming from the CBC that they do even think about it. Watch critically the next time you tune in to the news or an editorial on the CBC and watch for what is reported, what is not reported, and how it is said. Critical thinking is required and when it is used, the obvious is right there in front of you.
A most recent example that is not in the book because it happened only a few days ago, was how Justin Trudeau was handled after telling aboriginal grade school kids that when he forms government he will legalise pot. Dig out the articles by various news outlets and judge for yourself.
3 1/2 stars   

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