Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Those 'Boomers'

Delays, postponements, cancellations, indecision, medical emergencies, etc., etc. This is the way my whole Autumn has been going for my business. In 38 years I have never had an Autumn with so little work. It is usually my busiest time of year.
I read an economic forecast that shed a bit of light on this situation, which apparently is not uncommon in the building trades of late. It is the 'boomers' they say. Blame it on the 'boomers'. I am a 'boomer' so I guess I can blame myself, and it does help me understand it. Here is the reasoning:  The 'boomers' are reaching retirement age so they are not spending money on their homes because they are also contemplating a downsize in the near future. Why spend money when you are going to sell and you may not get the money back from your fancy renovation. And the younger generation are all in debt up to their eyeballs so they are not spending money on renovations either. So we are in a transition. As soon as the 'boomers' buy their cheap little condos, the older ones with adequate parking and elbow room in the suite, they will spend money on renovating it so they can live in up-dated surroundings until they are ready for the old folks home. That market is already starting as we have been doing a few of these this year. It is what I would consider for our near future too. Meanwhile, there is no work, and it is apparently my fault for having been born when I was.

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