Monday, November 18, 2013

Shedding a Little Light

I was driving past this entrance to a townhouse complex near our home when my attention was arrested by a red glow. It was not a very bright day, but there was red emanating from this dark driveway as if it were a 'red light district'. Shafts of light in the darkness are photogenic and revealing, as are shafts of light in a situation where there is something unknown lurking.
Case in point. I was at a 60th birthday party for a friend last night and because I am older than him by a few years, I thought I would shed some light on what his future held in terms of aging. Free advice is a service I provide frequently. I suggested that there is little difference between 55 and 60, but when you hit 63, the slide downward takes an accelerated leap forward. This is based on my own experience and was not meant to be a prediction. He was incensed and confided that his last few years were bad enough and thanks for the encouragement.
Good thing there was cake because that was my cue to head straight for it.

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