Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Friendly Neighbour

They say that good fences make good neighbours. Our back gardens are fenced but that does not prevent this cute and cuddly neighbour from making himself at home on our deck. There are a number of cats that roam and hunt among our flowerbeds and shrubs, but this guy just seems to be content to chill out on the rustic old park bench. I found him here under the dry shelter of our new deck roof with a downpour falling around him. He spent the whole day here.
We do not feed this creature, but he seems to come well fed and when hungry, goes back home for a while. The attraction at our house is definitely not the food. Maybe it is all the love he senses from the residents of his new found home. Haha.
Although I am not partial to cats, I can tolerate this fellow because he is quiet, clean, and makes no demands. Most important, he trusts me. When people and other things trust me, I come through. :)  So, he purrs, he rubs against my leg a little bit, and we get along just fine. He is old and I do not mind giving him some safety and security in his declining years. That is all I would ask too when I am old and looking for a warm  pillow covered bench to cozy up on.
Paying it forward.


Anonymous said...

You are such a softie !

Terry said...

Wasn't always.