Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Little Garden Before I Return

We have been away on a little trip for the last week but managed to still find a few things to post while I was away. We are returning today, hopefully with a camera full of photos of Central Oregon and Washington state. 

These Pansies may or may not still be in our garden when we return. In any event, I have photos. 

These brilliant slashes of red have greeted us every time we look out of our kitchen window or sit our deck. We will be sorry to see them go when winter closes in. 

And, the wasps. We will not miss them as this has been a particularly bad year for these feared creatures. 

In a few days I will have had a chance to look at all the new photos and I will share them with you as I get them organised and enhanced in Lightroom. I will be munching on tree ripened apples as I do this, because we will have a truck load of them, just brought back from Keromeos. 

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