Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Best Sunset Ever!

As an amateur photographer, whose love of his hobby increases as the years go by, I have always had a dream of hitting the perfect spot at the perfect time. I was giddy with delight as we drove up this old country road south and east of Goldendale Wa. hoping for the light to get better and better.

A few of the following photos have been manipulated in Lightroom and some of them needed no enhancing other than what is required for a RAW file to be converted to a JPEG and downloaded to Blogger.

I feel that we really hit the jackpot on this little side trip and I am proud of the photos I took, but more than that, I was continually impressed with God's handiwork. Just view in LARGE and enjoy.

The woman whose Father-in-law had owned this truck, came out to talk to us, and would have charged us some big bucks if she had known I was taking such incredible photos of the family transportation of yesteryear.


My collection  of old barn photos had just improved dramatically!

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sultana said...

If I had not seen this with mine own two eyes I would not have thought this beauty possible !