Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Done For Now

"Dust" is the final (for now) installment in the "Silo" series of science fiction novels by Hugh Howey. I have reviewed the previous books in this series so I will not get into the plot too thickly except to say that this story takes place in the future, the remnant of civilization is being held captive in very deep silos that are self-sustaining, and the facts of the whole matter are coming to light. This has been a very well orchestrated story, full of slowly emerging detail, and very real characters. "Dust" is a particularly good read as all the loose ends come together in a most satisfying way. 
I highly recommend that you start at the beginning and read the whole series. The science fiction, as fascinating as it is, is not the the guts of this story, but the characters and their thirst for knowledge and freedom are always in the forefront. And there is the ever present wonderment of what will happen next and why did that happen, and how on earth is this going to resolve itself. 
I cannot speak for the hard copies, but the e-version of this series is very inexpensive. Hugh Howey has done a smart thing by making his novel accessible to the price conscious buyer and in the process has garnered a huge following who cannot wait for his next installment or next book. I certainly am one of those. 

Overall (not individually) I give this story  5 stars. 

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