Thursday, September 26, 2013

As The Water Falls

The Heritage Scenic Route on the south side (Oregon side) of the Columbia River is an absolute delight. I could not recommend it highly enough for those who like to do road trips. Warning: If you do not like spectacular waterfalls, do not proceed down this road or proceed viewing this blog post.

Undoubtedly, there are challenges photographing any of these falls, not the least of which is hiking up to some of them. A wide angle lens is a must, a tripod for the slow shutter speed due to low light and trying to attain that misty look, and trying to  keep the camera lens dry are just a few issues that I ran into. I rejected many of my photos due to water spots on the lens ruining the photo. There was a bit of a stiff breeze that day which made things worse.

The world famous Multnomah Falls and the bridge at mid-falls. This place is spectacular.

I strongly suspect that the flow of water over these cliffs is carefully controlled. The influx of thousands of tourist everyday would dry up if and when the falls would ever dry up in a period of no rain.  

There are numerous falls along the route, with names like Bridal Veil and Horsetail. I would like to come back here in Autumn when there is colour on the leaves. The various types of moss and lichen did add colour but mostly different shades and hues of green.

Sometimes, the small ones are the most beautiful.

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