Thursday, September 12, 2013

Night Photography

I mentioned a while ago that I was being greatly inspired by a book on landscape photography that I received as a gift from my son. It was this inspiration along with new knowledge that aided me in taking some pretty good photos in Oroville a few weeks ago, which I posted on this blog. 
One of the types of photography that I have never seriously tried is shooting at night. Actually shooting after dark is OK but the really good opportunities happen just as the sky is about to become totally dark. 
I took advantage of the warm evening a few days ago and walked the few blocks to City Hall where there are some lit water fountains. I only took a few photos as the light faded much faster than I expected and it can take a while to set up a shot with the correct settings and a solid tripod mount. 
This was the best shot, with the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium in the background. When photography is no longer limited to daylight hours, the possibilities are endless and creativity can go in whole new direction. 
View large to see more detail. 

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AF said...

Oooo! yah, I like that shot.