Sunday, September 15, 2013

A New Challenge

First panel

On a roll

Time for photo.

When I was asked to hang a mural last week, I had no idea that it would be a type and style of mural that I had never seen before, nor hung. In my many years of experience, I have only come across three wall coverings that I have not been able to hang. In fact, nobody would be able to hang them due to their poor quality and their inherent characteristics. This was a custom ordered photo mural, coming from a company in England. You send them your pattern choice and the dimensions of your wall and they custom manufacture the mural to fit your wall. The panels, in this case, are 50 inches wide and 8 ft. tall and come on a continuous roll. Each panel has to be trimmed to fit, overlapped, and then double cut on the pattern match to hide the seams. The end result was spectacular with no pattern repeat on the entire 21 ft. of wall. It truly looks like an ivy wall in a garden. After the 3rd panel I was 'onto it' and then it was just a matter of working quickly enough in the heat to keep the adhesive from drying too quickly. 

This is a professional decorator's studio, which she built in her garden. She has quite a reputation and is renowned for her website, blog, and expert advice on home decor, both inside and out. It was a pleasure working for her and it was rewarding to see her excitement as the ivy wall went up. Check out her website here . 

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