Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Pastor's Book

Our time is Oroville was very laid back and relaxing with plenty of time for reading. "The Best Is Yet To Be" is a book I have been meaning to read ever since it was published, but waiting for it to come out on Kindle eBooks was more than I could endure. We brought a hard copy and I no longer had any excuses.
Vern Heidebrecht and his wife Carol were our pastor couple for many years at the church that we have been attending since 1986. He grew up in our town and then attended school elsewhere and started ministry in the USA. Coming to our church was a home-coming for both him and his wife.
The book is a chronicle of his growing up years and the experiences that influenced him in his world view and his conviction that his life would be in Christian Ministry. It goes on to list the various churches and cities he has influenced over the years, and accomplishments that, with God's help and leading, lead to his finale at North View Community Church. It mostly sounds familiar because I heard a lot of this material in his hundreds of sermons that I thoroughly enjoyed.
I found it interesting how he never turned down a challenge, was never satisfied with the status quo, and as a result had a lifetime of accomplishments and accolades.
Over riding all is his passion for proclaiming the gospel in all he does. 
He and his wife Carol are now retired and living in their childhood town, still in ministry and still fulfilling his mandate in life, which he does with this book. He battles Parkinson's with dignity and resolve, and still believes, as he has all his life,  that the best is yet to be.
4 stars  

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