Monday, September 30, 2013

Central Washington

I have always been drawn to old barns. Over the years I have photographed many of them, and not many are left. Of those in my collection, many have since yielded to deterioration and gravity. What I found in Central Washington state was a treasure trove of barns and abandoned old buildings.

We drove many side roads and secondary highways, and being past tourist season, the traffic was light in most places and I could stop beside the road or in some driveway and photograph to my heart's content.

Unfortunately, there were "NO TRESPASSING" signs on these old buildings and I could not enter them or explore around them.

We took a little side trip from Naches up to the Chinook Pass. We left the desert and entered high country very quickly. Soon, there was nothing but trees and fog. At the very summit, the clouds and mists parted just long enough for quick photo of the alpine meadows. By now we were cold and yearning for the heat and dryness of the desert once again.

Ellensburg and east.

And north to Ephrata.

Soap Lake

Near Vantage Wa.

Bug's eye view of the newly painted lines on Highway 97

You can see this location on the big bridge photo above.

A country church (Lutheran) in the midst of a farming area ripe with Scandinavian names.

This is farming country and reminded me of some of the rolling farmland in the parts of Saskatchewan that are not a flat table top.

The Yakima River in .... are you ready for it..... the Yakima Canyon.

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AF said...

Fabulous pics! I especially like the black and whites.