Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Drylands and Highlands

Highway 97 passes this most interesting of geological formations. It is called Dry Falls and is a dry riverbed with a massive cliff that was once the tallest waterfall in all of North America.

As glaciers receded and melted, this was similar to what Niagara is today.

All that remains is a bit of stagnant water in the deep pools carved out by the thunderous falls of long ago.

In the heat of summer, this gazebo would be sought out as shelter from the sun, but on this day, we were the only ones here.

More barns in the grassy highlands.

busylizzy asking a local woodsman where the powder room is.

An enterprising metal sculptor has erected a herd of life-like wild horses on a ridge high above the road.

Sage, weathered posts, pine trees and dry grass. So different from home and I love it.


A view of the valley as one heads north out of Coleville Wa.

This is grain and hay country.

Bales of hay on the rolling hills.

And a hay truck rumbling down the road among the windmills.

To end today's post, I have a shot of busylizzy giving the Heimlich maneuver to a distressed stonemason. I asked her to "give him a hug" and this is what I got.

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