Friday, October 18, 2013

An Autumn Blend

Over the many years of walking in the Fish Trap Creek Park, I have noticed the incredible damage done by the big beaver that lives there. His tree chomping is random and I have noticed that spring and fall are his favourite times to destroy trees. Here is the latest one to fall. The city has protected the Maples with wire meshing but perhaps do not realise that Beavers will only go for Birch or Alder trees. This one WAS an Alder.

These are blueberry bushes (which is a bit of a contradiction) I was quite taken by the cloud formation as I was driving through Yarrow BC. (Cheam mountain range in the background)

busylizzy contemplating life as I am setting up the shot.

I love the calm water and the perfect reflections.

One of my favourite things to photograph in the changing light.

Brother-in-law George's fish pond.

A backlit tree in the parking lot at Cultus Lake.

Eerie lighting on Matsqui Prairie.

A split rail fence in Yarrow BC.

Standing on the bridge on Sylvester Road NE of Mission BC.

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