Monday, October 7, 2013


Every Autumn we travel to Keromeos where we have a favourite fruit orchard from which we buy apples and pears or whatever else is in season. Many years ago when we first discovered 'Gumpert's' Orchard across the road from the Grist Mill attraction on Upper Bench road, it was operated by the parents of the young family who own and operate it now. We have become familiar with each other over the years and ask about the kids and the fruit season and other small talk. They give us a really good price on cases of apples and we help each other out. We were passing through on our way home a few weeks ago and discovered a sign at the apple barn that said they would return in a few hours. We had an appointment with friends who live in Hedley so we could not stay. That left us with a dilemma as we did not know where else to get apples without paying huge prices at the roadside fruit stands. We did stop at a few and discovered much to out delight that someone had an imaginative moment with the pumpkins this year and put up a unique display.  

We did find a fruit stand that gave us a price somewhat comparable to farm prices and we were soon on our way. It is always very colourful in Keromeos this time of year and the efforts of the stands  attract many visitors. Some are there for fruit and some just for a 'last time of the year' drive through some very beautiful country. It is my favourite time of year on the #3 highway.

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