Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Stuff Older Than Me

The expression "older than the hills" would mean that I do not qualify in this case. These hills and most of these derelict buildings are older than me.

Which means that I am still relatively young.

The morning air was crisp and clear which made visibility unlimited.

That tiny yellow sign on the corner of the house is the only thing that kept me from exploring this old house. I am terribly curious about things like this.

Almost black and white!

I just love an open road with no traffic. This is along the shores of Soap lake.

Again, my kind of road.

Off road looking for mountain sheep. We did see about five of them, visible only with binoculars.

Next best thing to an unpainted old barn is an old red barn.

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Rachel said...

'Stuff older than me'. Thought this would be a VERY short post :)