Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Our Angel Trumpets are very late this year but are really coming on strong now.

How you shoot a flower like this is you lie down in the mud and grass and dew and look straight up. Otherwise you do not get a nice blue sky in the background.

I walked over to the Garden Park towers one morning and caught some nice light coming through the trees. This looks like peaceful place to sit and contemplate, but it is immediately beside a very busy street with constant traffic.

There are nice benches, but I have never seen anyone sitting here.

On the North is the Garden Park Towers, residential on the top 15 floors,

And to the southwest is Clearbrook Village, a complex of low-rise and high-rise residences. The center piece of this little park is a memorial to the Russian Mennonite Immigrants who more or less founded our community after WWII.

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