Saturday, October 5, 2013


The town of Molson was founded by the Canadian who also founded Molson Brewery. It was situated at a hub of railways, but lasted only two years. Today, there are a few old buildings, a school turned into a museum, and some old artifacts.

It is situated in the hills east of Oroville Washington.

Old knobs

Drilling on the horizon.

In the driver's seat.

Not quite laptops.

A milk separator, something I cranked a million times in my youth while staying on my grandmother's farm when I was but a lad.

The Molson bank.

Wood cook stove with pots and pans.

The town pump, again, something I am very familiar with from my youth.

A ride on mower, usually one horse power.

Steam powered tractor.

An interesting stove pipe which helps to better dissipate the heat as it goes up the chimney.

There are plenty of old wooden wagon wheels in this town.

The first Samsung washing machine?

The base of this old windmill has been refurbished.

Elna, Phaff, Singer? No, Windsor.

And an old stove to keep you warm in the winter. The guest book shows more than 5000 visitors per year, from all over the world. We were the only ones this day and the museum was closed.


AF said...

Fantastic photos!!

klassic1 said...

We've also been to Molson. The Museum was an interesting place to visit. Great photography, Terry.

Chris said...

Your photos are all amazing but this batch is my favourite.
I love the way
The old turns grey
and metal turns to rust.
Where things once new
Can change our view
And memories form from dust.

Terry said...

Very nice verse, Chris. Well said.