Friday, October 4, 2013

North Central Wahington

From wooded hills and old barns,

to prairie-like wheat fields and blue skies.

This is the Sun Lakes Resort, just south of the Grand Coulee Dam. I was here with two busloads of classmates in 1966. It was the annual grade 13 outing for which my school was famous. It was the last year of grade 13. I had not been back since that time and I was amazed that it had not changed one bit.

There is a park in the town of Soap Lake at the south end of Soap Lake that has this interesting sundial. The tips of the feathers cast a shadow on the posts on the perimeter of the round walkway, each denoting a time of day. It was pretty much accurate.

I do certainly love this typical prairie look.

And the iconic derelict windmill which has since been augmented with power lines.

There is no difference between this scene and scores like it in southern California. So pretty with the yellow sage.


Hotel, saloon, and restaurant in Republic Wa.

As you leave Yakima heading north, you can take the quick route, Highway 97, or you can take this most beautiful of roads called the Yakima Canyon Road. And right then and there, a train came along to complete the scene.

It is not a long stretch of road, but certainly one of the most picturesque I have ever travelled. There is little traffic and many places where one can pull off the road and enjoy the quiet desert air, or, like me, take photographs.
Tomorrow, the ghost town of Molson.

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