Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Punishment Followed by Reward

Other than for heavy traffic, it is rare that we have ever been held up for any length of time while travelling our province's highways.

However, on this day it happened not once, but twice in the space of a few hours. The first time was for about 45 minutes, just west of Princeton where they are doubling the highway lanes.  

Then again on Jones Hill as one comes out of the mountains from Hope to Chilliwack. We waited for two hours while the mess of three jackknifed  semis was being cleaned up. We were three Kilometers away from the scene and nobody really knew what had happened until a young lady jogged to the scene and back, reporting to curious motorists on the way back to her ride.

Once we got on our way again and approached the flat prairie of the eastern Fraser Valley, we saw this sunset shaping up and turned off at Annis Road. It was a beauty!

Had we not been inconvenienced for two hours, we would have missed this spectacular scene. View in LARGE. It is spectacular!

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