Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Heavy Read

     I was not sure what I was in for when I bought this book but I soon realised that I was in over my head. It is basically about Christian Apologetics, the art or discipline of defending the Christian faith in the midst of modern day atheism, naturalism and general disbelief.
There are 18 authors who each write an essay on a different aspect of Christian doctrine and from a Christian philosophy standpoint defend against higher criticism. The essays are presented in three sections or under three main headings: The Existence of God, The Jesus of History, and The Coherence of Christian Doctrine. Some of the topics under these main headings are : The Dawkins Delusion, Who Did Jesus Think He Was, and Hell, Getting What is Good My Way.
I found this book fascinating as I sorted through the various concepts and questions that I as a Christian have never even thought of or heard about in my entire life and I consider myself well-read. The moral and ethical questions that arise, the authenticity of Scriptures, the convoluted circular thinking that so many engage in, the questions that arise from questions, the contradictions in reason, the assumptions that are examined is a world I do not travel in because I do not hang with guys like these authors*. I am sure that I would not be able to carry on an intelligent conversation with any one of them, but after struggling through what they have written, I must say that I have certainly learned a lot.
If you enjoy exploring, deeply, the biggest issues in life, and if you are up for a challenge (there were many a page where there would be three or four words that were not even in the three massive dictionaries I own) and if you are ready to put your thinking cap on, you will love this book. I assure you that the next time someone throws out a general all inclusive platitude, you will be tempted to begin a debate with them by saying "But there is more to it than that."
*Actually I did hang out with one of them. We used to go to the occasional movie together.

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sultana said...

I hear you brother. Academics sometimes speak a way over my head.