Thursday, October 10, 2013

Garden Status

The garden is almost 'done' for another year. These Begonias are still doing well but not much else.

Due to the heat this summer, our Cherry Tomatoes were sweeter than ever and we had more than we could eat.

The Hollyhocks are long gone, but the memories remain. We had one this summer, that grew to 12 ft. in height!

One of my favourites, Morning Glories, are struggling a bit in the colder weather but every morning there a few new blooms that try to open.

The best ones are on the south side of our property which makes them face south toward the neighbours yard and I cannot see into them unless I climb the hedge that separates us. Thus, the shot from the back of the blossom.

Today's Begonia that is looking a bit tattered. They certainly keep their deep red colour in spite of being here all summer.
Soon the colour will all be gone, except for a few leaves, and another summer will have come and gone.

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