Monday, October 28, 2013

More 2013 Colours

I have been out and about with my camera more this Autumn than ever before. I have had time but also I have been more keen since I have learned more about developing my photos. The above photo is taken from the parking lot of the Rotary Stadium with a 200mm telephoto lens. The photos look so much better large.

The following few photos are of a recent walk around Mill Lake Park.

I quite enjoy standing under the golden leaves and catching some direct sun in the lens.

Mill Lake again taken from a secluded little fishing spot on the south side of the lake.

A wide angle shot of Mt. Baker taken from South Parallel Rd. just east of Sumas Way.

Same spot, different interpretation.

The winery estate on Hawkins Rd. in the early morning fog.

A park bench behind city hall.

Grazing in the fog at the extreme north end of Townline Rd.


AF said...

Great sun flares. The horse in the fog is great too.

Chris said...

You really must do something more with your hobby.