Saturday, September 7, 2013

Driven by Love

This book is classified as a thriller/mystery but it really is a love story. Roger and Lois are coming back from an anniversary dinner when they are involved in a horrific accident. By a quirk of fate, they are rushed to different hospitals, Lois being in a coma and Roger suffering from amnesia. But, he can remember his wife and how much he loves her. The story progresses through his desperate escape from the hospital, his trek through the city to piece together the mystery of where his wife is, and his quest to somehow get to her. Along the way he is inadvertently involved in some petty crimes as he is seen as a homeless person and is indeed being helped by bums and hobos. In the end, he is a few steps away from his beloved when tragedy hits. By this time he is a wanted man and the police believe he is armed and dangerous. The one person who can truly help him is minutes too late to do so.
Reading this story is a bit like wandering through the desert for days, yearning for a glass of water, and when it is within your grasp, it spills. Not a satisfying story at all, and I would say, overall, not well written. The author is trying too hard and his metaphors and word pictures are making me scratch my head as I re-read them. Fortunately it was a quick read because I like to finish what I start. I am afraid that this book is forgettable, with the only redeeming factor being the unquenchable love that a man can have for his wife. In this case, it is not enough.  
2 stars  

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