Thursday, September 19, 2013


There is a long story behind this job. Sometimes we are in and out quickly, like the Ivy Wall job where I got the call on Monday, and hung the mural on Tuesday, got paid and was done. This job was the opposite. It would make a great blog post but I have to be careful as this blog is public. Let me just say that this was one spectacular home and we did a great, flawless job, the product was superb and went on nicely, but the customer had a problem. 

Maybe someday, I will tell all. If I posted photos of the rest of the house or the exterior, it would give it away and I would be in trouble. 

The house and wallpaper design was by one of the premier designers in town. I have done quite a few jobs for him now, including his own home,  and he says that in spite of the challenges with customer, he will continue to refer his clients to me. He confided that he had the same challenges. 
This was a beautiful paper to work with and it certainly looked expensive too. Too bad I will not be back to install more paper in this lovely home.  

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